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Everyone that wants to go to LeBlond, should be able to.



In order to make up the difference between the cost of a Bishop LeBlond education and the tuition, Bishop LeBlond holds fund raising activities and events. The support of the alumni, Bishop LeBlond and St Joseph communities make these events successful and make quality Catholic high school education possible. For further information about any fund raising opportunity, contact Director of the Advancement Office at Bishop LeBlond: 816-279-1629, ext 116 or

These activities include the Annual Appeal (mailed to alumni and friends of the school each January), the LB Golf Tournament, the NFL raffle, the LB Carnival and the Night of Golden Stars Dinner/Auction. In addition many alumni and families have created memorial scholarships. Alumni and friends of the school also have created bequests and trusts designated for Bishop LeBlond.


Ways to Invest in Bishop LeBlond High School

Memorials for a Loved One - Many people seek a way to ensure that the loved one’s legacy lives on in a memorial. Surviving family may designate that memorials be made to Bishop LeBlond High School. These memorials may be directed to the capital campaign, to a specific scholarship fund or to the general fund of the school.

Scholarships - There are three types of scholarship funds that can be established at Bishop LeBlond. These scholarships can be named as a memorial or in honor of an individual or family. Those establishing the funds also may restrict to whom the scholarships are awarded, i.e., to freshmen from a certain elementary school or parish, to members of the National Honor Society, etc.

Restricted Scholarship Fund - This fund is not invested. Scholarships are awarded from the contributions received. Gifts may be made at any time to the fund. Those establishing the fund may determine if the entire value of the fund is to be given in scholarships each year. If so, the fund requires new gifts each year to maintain it.

Endowed Scholarship Fund - This is a permanent scholarship fund in which the principal remains intact and invested at all times. Scholarships are awarded from the allocated income earned on the principal investment in accordance with Bishop LeBlond board policy. All contributions to the fund increase the principal balance. A minimum contribution is necessary to establish a fund of this sort. Please contact the Bishop LeBlond development director or your personal attorney or financial planner with questions.

General Scholarship Fund - Families may name Bishop LeBlond for memorials and gifts are deposited in the Bishop LeBlond Memorial Scholarship Fund and are used as deemed necessary by the Bishop LeBlond administration.

Gifts of Cash - The simplest and most popular way to make a contribution is to write a check. An unrestricted gift gives the administration the freedom to use your contribution where it is needed most. You may, however, choose to restrict your gift to the area of your own particular interest. All gifts are tax deductible. Gifts to events are deductible only beyond the value of the event.

Gifts of In-kind services or goods - You and/or your company can assist Bishop LeBlond by giving items to be auctioned at the annual Night of Golden Stars, items to be used as prizes for student fund raisers, or in-kind services or goods that facilitate the normal operation of the school. This would include soft drinks to be sold or given away, cleaning services, ornamental items, etc.

Gifts of Securities - A gift of stock or other securities to Bishop LeBlond yields considerable tax advantages. For example, appreciated securities can be transferred without causing the donor to realize gain on the appreciation and still yield a current deduction measured at the fair market value of the gift. Matching Gifts Companies with matching gift programs may match the amount of your gift to Bishop LeBlond, thus doubling or tripling the amount of your contribution. Simply acquire a form from your employer, fill out the donor section and forward the form to Bishop LeBlond with your gift.

Planned Gifts - Planned Gifts are contributions left by a donor through his or her estate. They include: Will and Bequests- Your attorney can include a statement in your will to provide for LeBlond. Life Insurance-By purchasing a life insurance policy and naming Bishop LeBlond as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, you assure a substantial gift at a relatively small annual cost. Premium payments are tax deductible. Charitable Tax Annuity- A Gift Annuity is a contract or agreement between a charitable organization and the donor(s) where the charity agrees to pay the fixed payments during their lifetime for funds given to the organization. Trusts and Annuities Trusts can be established to allow a beneficiary and/or charitable organization to receive a lifetime income.

**Planned gifts require the assistance of an attorney and/or qualified financial planner. Please call Chelsea Teater, Director of Bishop LeBlond’s Advancement office at 816-279-1629 ext. 116 for further information or contact your personal attorney.